Scalo Fluviale spends it this year of the transport material and preparations for the Biennal Architecture in Venice 2018.

We have transported with attention and care some preparations and materials of the Tents that are mainly found in the area most important of the Biennale Exhibition, the Giardini. Not only works, but also all the objects and the useful supplies for the shows of the single tents, that you/they will also see this year the share of thousand of exhibitors and visitors coming from every part of the world.

The theme for the Bienniale Architecture 2018 is the Freespace, with which is wanted to put to the center of the architecture the same quality of the space: with proposals, examples and elements of works he/she is wanted to express the essential qualities of the same architecture: the modulation, the wealth and the materiality of the surfaces, the orchestration and the disposition in sequence of the movement.

The exhibition will have been developing it for Saturday 26 May to Domenica 25 November, among the Pavilon Centrale to the Giardini, the Arsenal and in some Venetian Buildings where they will give


With attention and professionalism we transport materials and outfitting, but also artwork, precious and historical objects, for shows, museums and international events to Venice and in dry land. Thanks to our boats endowed with crane we are able to transport and to enliven any object in safety and agility, without any problem.

We provide many other services of transport both for exceptional loads (hospital equipments, works of degrees dimensions, etc.), what for commodities of small dimensions, as well as a relocation and clearances service created to hoc for the particular lagoon territory.

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