We can boast 20 motor boats in several sizes and materials. Five of them are equipped with hydraulic cranes, enabling us to offer any kind of service – from delivering small parcels to transporting oversize works of art, goods or machinery within the Venice city centre.

Our boat-mounted cranes with workman basket are perfect for ordinary maintenance (of fixtures, roof eaves, flues…) and for inspecting and securing walls only accessible from the water.

Our lorries and vans also guarantee land transport.

Our fleet of vehicles comprises:

  • 10 watercrafts with a load-carrying capacity of up to 10m³
  • 6 watercrafts with a load-carrying capacity between 10m³ and 20m³
  • 4 watercrafts with a load-carrying capacity between 20m³ and 55m³
  • 2 electrical elevating platforms, for relocations, transport and handling
  • 1 trailer-mounted electrical lift, for relocations, transport and handlinG
  • specific equipment for handling machinery, safes and medical equipment
  • 3 self-moving cranes with a load-carrying capacity of 350q
  •  tracked minicrane
  • 7 fork-lifts with a maximum load-carrying capacity of 20q, 30q, or 50q
  • 3 vans and 1 lorry
  •  self-propelling generators and motor-pumps
  • 2 warehouses – one in Venice, one close to the Venezia exit of the A4 Motorway. 

Video: RT 45 – Terex Cranes

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