Scalo Fluviale was responsible for transporting materials and equipment for the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah of Ferrara.

The Meis (National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Holocaust) tells its visitors the history and main events of the Jewish people, describing how it was formed and developed in our Peninsula, starting from the Roman age to the Middle Ages. The multimedia path that narrates the events is composed of videos of important experts in the history of Judaism, of precious and rare objects, of particular reconstructions (the Temple of Jerusalem, the Arch of Titus, the Jewish catacombs, the synagogues of Ostia and Bova Marina), traditional sounds and music.

This narrative path highlights the areas of origin and dispersion of the Jewish people and traces the main routes of exile towards the Mediterranean Sea. We proceed to the establishment and consolidation of Jewish culture throughout our country.

Paying attention, given the historical importance of the objects transported, our staff took care of transport planning in maximum security, delivery and preparation of objects in the museum rooms.

With specific equipment we have provided for the packaging of historical objects, the transport of materials and fittings for the museum and finally for their delivery through trucks specialized in special transports. Our qualified staff carefully and carefully positioned all the works and objects that tell the story of the Jewish people in Italy in the rooms used.

Scalo Fluviale is a reality that for over 100 years has provided many transport services dedicated to the Venetian lagoon area, but also dedicated to the mainland with special trucks equipped for special transports.
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