These days Scalo Fluviale is taking care of the move of the new Civic Library of the city of Gradisca d’Isonzo.

The Maxi move sees the movement of approximately 30 thousand volumes of literature and the structures that will host them.
The Library is housed in Casa Maccari, where the Gradisca Cultural Center is located and a public reading structure with consultation and external loan services is concentrated within it.
It is part of the Library System of the province of Gorizia with which it activates a relationship of reciprocal exchange of texts that allows the user to obtain for free any text present in the municipal libraries of the provincial territory.

The Library purchases, catalogs and stores material of historical and local interest, including some minor documents. It has a library heritage of about 30,000 volumes that have been transported and placed in this new location

Scalo Fluviale has planned and organized all the phases of the operation. We proceeded with the packaging of the structures (libraries) and the 30,000 books that make up the Library. Our staff, through the available trucks, transported the bookcases and the volumes, as well as assembling and completing the shelves present, helping the library staff with their catalog.

A service carried out by our staff with professionalism and attention that has allowed the Library to obtain an orderly and well-structured office. Through our equipment and our expertise in special removals acquired over time, we have been able to perform this service in a precise and rapid manner.

Relocation is a very important service, especially in the Venetian reality where some attention is required and the use of specific instruments to clear and move materials and furnishings.

Together with other services, such as exceptional transport or the transport of works of art, it is part of the wide offer that we have been offering to our customers for 115 years.

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