For the second consecutive year, Scalo Fluviale was in charge of transporting materials and fittings for events at the 2019 Carnival in Venice.

We have enlivened and mounted the stage for the show in Piazza San Marco, which saw the awarding of the most beautiful mask, and transported the sets for the opening of the festival of the Venetian Water Festival, which took place on Saturday 9 February in Cannaregio .
The shows that entertained thousands of people again this year, had as their theme the imagination and creativity of the characters of the Venetian carnival.

Parties and events were held between the calli and campielli both for adults and children. For about two weeks, Venice has come to life with masks and confetti that have brightened the already festive atmosphere of the city.

The Carnival party ended with the flight of the Lion, a relatively new tradition that sees the launch of a scenographic cloth representing the Lion of St. Mark: a special wish and a goodbye to the next carnival.


Scalo Fluviale is attentive to Venetian traditions and festivities. As a Venetian reality we know how important it is to carry on traditions and to contribute with our work to the creation of Carnival events, is one of the ways in which we can actively participate in one of the most important festivals for our city.

We often transport materials and equipment for events, both local and national and international. We pay attention and care, and together with our customers we plan and organize every step of the operation: from the packaging of the materials and fittings, to the transport and assembly in the established location.

We deal with transport for both private and public events, in external locations or in buildings where attention and professionalism are required.

Over time we have created a complete offer that meets all market needs in a timely manner. Our range of services is very wide: it ranges from transporting equipment to events to transporting special equipment to transporting works of art to museums and galleries.

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