Transport and Setting up Polling station for the Referendum on the Autonomy of Veneto

Scalo Fluviale transported and set up polling stationsthroughout the city of Veniceon the occasion of the Referendum on the Autonomy of Venetoof 22 October 2017.

We have employed over 50 people, trucks, vans and boats to move, set up and deliver polling stations and ballot papers on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October.

Sunday night, after the closing of voting, we dismantled the polling stations and withdrew the electoral packages.

After having found full satisfaction from the Public Administration, we thank and congratulate all those who contributed to the realization of this feat.

Scalo Fluviale specializes in the transport of goods and fittings by water in Venice. Specific equipment, experience and compliance with all safety regulations guarantee to all our customers a flexible, fast and professional service.

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