Equipment and services for transportation and material handling for Exhibitors

Venice International Boat Show:

from 18 to 23 June 2019



Scalo Fluviale offers exhibitors the possibility of using a transport and handling service for their equipment and materials. For more than 100 years our company has been the central point of the commercial hub between Venice and the mainland. We specialize in transporting and handling large exceptional loads for exhibitions and events of global interest such as the Venice Biennale and the Film Festival.

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    We offer our customers professional and punctual services that fully satisfy all their needs. Water transport in the Venice lagoon needs special vehicles and equipment, because of the peculiarity of the lagoon area. Our boats are equipped with cranes that allow our specialized personnel to perform the most complex movements without any problem.

    We pay attention in all the phases, from the packaging, to the transport and to the positioning of the fittings within the proposed structures. We also offer our customers a freight and material transport service for private events with time flexibility and the possibility of making the requested service even during the night.

    Through our dock at Tronchetto, we are able to safely handle any type of material and place it in trucks or boats. Equipped with 2 fixed electric cranes, 3 self-propelled mobile cranes and 7 forklifts, our dock allows materials to be moved quickly and efficiently.

    The Location

    The areas used will be as follows:
    – A water basin with more than 1000 meters of piers and docks, 100 moorings in the water and 100 spaces for boats on land, as well as 13,000 square meters of space for water trials;
    – An exhibition area consisting of 6000 square meters for indoor exposure and 20,000 square meters for open air exposure;
    – In Darsena Grande, there will also be an exhibition of historical and military vessels, and traditional Venetian boats;
    – Some areas dedicated to relaxation, education and catering with bars and food stands;
    – An area dedicated to the “Voga alla Veneta”;
    – An area where there will be some Exhibitions of the Biennale Arte 2019;

    Venice meets its sea!

    From June 18 to 23, the 2019 Venice Boat Show will be held in the charming location of the Arsenale.

    A nautical exhibition in Venice that will bring together all the operators of the nautical sector. A key moment to present your products, but also to network with other professionals. After years, Venice finally returns to host an internationally renowned event, a nautical fair that tells the story of this extraordinary sector and the excellences that are part of it.

    The location of the event will be the Arsenale, which with its 40,000 square meter water basin will host exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Ancient pavilions completely restored respecting the original architectural structures, with Istrian stone columns and ample luminous vaults, will characterize the location of the Venice Boat Show 2019.

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